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Final season of breaking bad download torrent

final season of breaking bad download torrent

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The neo-nazis drastically outnumber Hank and Gomez. After an intense mexican standoff, the shootout erupts. The shootout comes to an abrupt end. Gomez lies dead on the floor and Hank is seriously injured, Jack prepares to finish him off before Walt protests. Walt explains to Jack that Hank is his brother-in-law and he needs him alive, but Jack is upset to find out that Walt has a relative working for the police.

As Walt pleads Hank to cooperate, Hank tells him that Jack has made up his mind minutes ago, only Walt can't see it. Jack shoots Hank in the head, instantly killing him, Walt drops to the floor crying. Todd searches the area for Jesse, but he is nowhere to be found, meanwhile, Jack's gang steal all of Walt's money and bury the two DEA agents.

Jack is convinced by Todd to leave Walt with one of the barrels as an apology for what just happened, Walt says that Jack still owes him a hit on Jesse, revealing that he is hiding under a car, Jack's gang drag Jesse out and Jack prepares to shoot him. Todd intervenes, saying that they need to interrogate Jesse first to find out what he revealed to the cops, both Jack and Walt agrees.

Just before they take Jesse away, Walt tells Jesse that he could have saved Jane from dying, but didn't. The neo-nazis then depart the area, Walt starts driving his car, but one of the bullets from the shootout damaged the gas tank, prompting Walt to buy a man's truck.

Marie visits Skyler at the car wash to reveal that she received a call from Hank saying that Walt is arrested. Defeated, Skyler decides to tell Walter Jr. When driving home, Skyler and Jr. He orders both Skyler and Jr. Skyler asks how Walt got himself free if Hank had him arrested less then an hour ago, Walt says that he negotiated, but Skyler denies it, she thinks he killed Hank to get himself free.

Walt screams that he tried to save Hank and rushes Jr. Husband and wife start wrestling for the knife, until Jr. Walt thinks fast, he takes Holly White from the crib, gets in the truck and drives off as Skyler screams at him to give her daughter back. The telephone rings and it's Walt calling for Skyler. On the police orders, Skyler answers, when Walt questions if the police is with her, she denies.

Knowing that she is lying, pretends he does not know that the police is listening and proceeds to tell her that he "warned her not to cross him. When she questions him about Hank, he says that they are never going to see Hank again. Before hanging up, Walt says that he has some things left to do. Walt then leaves Holly in front of a fire station with the White residence address pinned to her. On the following morning, the extractor picks up Walt on a highway and they drive off to a start to new life for Walter.

After the exposure of Walter to the media, Saul decides to also leave the state through the extractor's services. Jack's gang break into the Schrader's residence to steal Jesse's video confession DVD, the neo-nazis are keeping Jesse hostage inside their compound, forcing him to cook Blue Sky for them. When Jesse tries to escape, Jack orders Todd to kill Jesse's ex-girlfriend, Andrea, forcing him to watch.

Jack reminds him that there is still Brock remaining. Skyler is questioned by the police, they want to arrest her for being Walt's accomplice, but they do not have enough evidence on her. One night, Skyler is sitting at home when four members of Jack's gang break in. They threaten to kill her and her children if she ever attempts to tell the police anything about Lydia's conversation with Walter at the car wash. In the following day, Todd tries to explain to Lydia that Skyler was intimidated, but Lydia complains that she wanted Skyler dead, she wants to call off her partnership with the neo-nazis, but Todd convinces her to continue after revealing that with Jesse's "help", they were able to bring the blue color back to their product.

After few days of waiting inside a bunker, the extractor, a man called Ed, is finally able to take Walt out of the state. They arrive at a cabin in New Hampshire , Ed reveals that this is Walt's new home, and his new surname is Lambert. Ed also instructs Walt not to leave the property's gate, with Walt's face all over the news, anyone can put him in danger now, and if Walt is caught, Ed won't be coming back to bring him supplies for his own safety.

That night, after Ed left, Walt stuffed his pockets with stashes of money and tried to leave the property, but wasn't able to bring himself to do so. Many months have passed. Walt has a beard grown and his head is full of hair, he is also much thinner than before. Ed arrives to bring him some supplies, a new pair of glasses, some medication for his cancer and a bunch of Albuquerque's newspapers.

Ed informs him that his house was abandoned and now became a macabre tourist attraction, Skyler and their children are living in a urban area, she is working as a taxi dispatcher. After performing makeshift chemotherapy for Walt, Ed leaves and Walt is alone once again, his wedding ring doesn't fit in his finger anymore and he is forced to loop a string through it and make a necklace. When the sun rises, Walt finally leaves the property, heading down the road.

Walt comes across a tavern, he calls Walter Jr. Walt fails to explain his actions, Jr. After his son hangs up, Walt is saddened, he calls the DEA office in Albuquerque and asks to speak with the agent responsible for the Walter White case, revealing to be Walter himself and leaving the phone off the hook so the police can track him.

Walt sits at the bar and asks for a Dimple Pinch Scotch whiskey, as the bartender flips through the television channels, Walt spots something interesting: His former friends Elliott Schwartz and Gretchen Schwartz are being interviewed by Charlie Rose. They are talking about their recent donation to fund drug rehab clinics throughout the American Southwest.

Rose asks if they made the donation to make amends for "your association with Walter White," who helped start their very successful and profitable technology company, Gray Matter Technologies. Elliott throws several lies, saying that Walt never really contributed to anything important to the company. Walt was the one who came up with their research and is furious at hearing this, but something else catches his attention -- Rose comments that there are still many signs of Blue Sky being sold throughout the Southwest and even in Europe.

Walt realizes that someone is still cooking his formula and he has a change of heart. A group of police officers arrive at the tavern looking for Walt, but he is nowhere to be found. Series Finale poster " Felina ". After escaping the tavern, Walt steals a car and begins his drive back to New Mexico. On the way, he stops by a gas station and pretends to be a journalist from the New York Times to get the Schwartzes' address. At night, Elliott and Gretchen arrive at home returning from their interview with Charlie Rose, they are caught by surprise when Walt is waiting for them inside the house.

As they pile the money, Walt explains that he wants the Schwartzes to give the money to Walter Jr. Elliott is hesitant at first, saying that the police will get suspicious, but Walt comments that there's nothing suspicious about a rich couple donating some money to a boy that had his life ruined by his "monstrous father. Walt shakes hand with both Elliott and Gretchen, he then signs to a window and two laser sights are pointed at the Schwartz couple, they are extremely scared by this.

If they don't get the money, the hitmen will eventually murder the Schwartzes for breaking their word. Elliott promises once again that he will give the money, the hitmen then turn off their laser sights and Walt leaves after telling Elliott and Gretchen that this is their chance to make things right.

Back in his car, Walt picks up Badger and Skinny Pete by the road, they used laser pointers to help Walt threaten Elliott and Gretchen. After paying them off, they explain that all this time they thought it was Walt who was cooking Blue Sky, but since it's not him, there's only one person left on the list, someone who disappeared after the shootout in Tohajiilee -- Jesse.

It is revealed that Jesse is still a slave cooking meth for Jack's gang, with his face completely scarred from various beatdowns he took over the months. Back to the flashfoward from the season's opening, Walt buys a M60 machine gun from Lawson and changes cars, he then drives to his former house. The place is in ruins and fenced, inside, Walt spots many sprays insulting him, such as a giant "Heisenberg" painted in yellow on the wall of the living room.

Walt goes to the bedroom and retrieves the ricin he hid there. As he is leaving the house, his former neighbor, Carol , spots him. Walt normally greets her and drives off, prompting her to drop her groceries. Lydia is startled by this, but Walt says that he found a new way to cook Blue Sky without methylamine and he will teach Todd how to do it in exchange of a million of dollars.

Todd is hesitant, but Lydia accepts and asks Walt to visit Jack at the neo-nazis compound at night. After Walt leaves, Lydia orders Todd to kill Walt when he shows up at the compound, having him around is not good for their operation. Lydia stirs a package of Stevia into her cup tea. Somewhere in the desert, Walt builds a device with a garage door opener connected to a car battery. He then changes clothes and visits Skyler at her new apartment just as she is receiving a call from Marie about Walt being spotted in their former neighborhood.

Marie also comments that the car Walt stole in New Hampshire was found abandoned downtown, she asks Skyler to be careful and hangs up. Skyler gives Walt five minutes, he assures her that after the events that will happen later that night, she will have nothing else to worry about, she will never be in danger again because of his actions. He also reveals that everything he did wasn't for the family, it was all for him, he felt good about it because he was good in doing it.

Then, he gives Skyler the coordinates to Hank and Gomez' burial site, telling her to explain to the police that he broke in and threatened her. Walt's last wish to Skyler is to let him take a look at his daughter one last time, which she allows him to do so. Later, Walt waits in the distance as Walter Jr. At night, Walt shows up with his car at Jack's gang compound, they let him in and he parks the car right in front of the main building. Kenny frisks Walt, his keys and wallet are taken from him.

Inside the building, Walt is greeted by Jack and the others, Jack denies to be in the meth business currently. Walt notices everyone's strange behaviour, Todd comments that Walt shouldn't have come back and Kenny points a gun at Walt's head. Jack tells Kenny to kill Walt anywhere but in his living room, as the neo-nazis are taking Walt away, he calls Jack a liar, accusing them to be partners with Jesse.

The neo-nazi leader is extremely insulted by the comment, he wants to show Walt how much of a partner Jesse really is, he orders his men to keep Walt there and tells Todd to go get Jesse in the meth lab. As they wait, Jack walks around the living room saying that he will kill Walt personally as soon as they are done with this, Walt is able to get the car keys back during the distraction, since they were left on the pool table.

Todd walks in followed by Jesse, who is bound in handcuffs and anklecuffs, his hair is long and his beard is unkept. Walt takes a long look at Jesse's scarred face and realizes that he is actually a slave, feeling sorry for the conditions that his former partner is in, Walt feigns anger and tackles Jesse to the ground, Todd tries to separate the two, but Walt pushes the trunk-open button on the car remote control.

Outside, the trunk of his car opens, exposing the mounted M60 machine gun. It automatically starts to open fire, oscillating on the garage door opener's motor, and rips through the vehicle and building. Every white supremacist standing in the room is instantly killed by the machine gun, Walt is hit by a stray bullet and Jack is seriously injured. The only two people that escaped the rain of bullets are Jesse and Todd. The machine gun eventually runs out of bullets, Todd crawls to the window to check what hapenned, but before he can take any action, Jesse attacks him by choking him with his handcuffs chains.

Walt gets up as Jesse strangles Todd to death and starts searching his pockets for the keys, Walt picks up Jack's gun from the ground and approaches the dying neo-nazi leader. Jack tries to plead for his life, but Walt shoots him in the head, killing Jack in the same manner Jack killed Hank. Jesse sets himself free and gets up from the ground, but he is now facing Walt, who has a gun in his hand.

The two men stare at each other, Walt throws the pistol to Jesse and asks Jesse to kill him. Jesse points the gun at Walt, but notices that he is bleeding from his side, Jesse drops the pistol to the floor and leaves.

Todd's cellphone starts ringing, Walt approaches his corpse and picks up the phone -- it's an ill Lydia asking if they already killed Walt. He reveals that all Jack's gang are dead and she will be dead too in a few hours -- he poisoned the Stevia that she used earlier with ricin. The Transformation of Walt to Heisenberg -- From high school chemistry teacher to deadly meth dealer, watch as Walter White quickly transforms into Heisenberg.

An Exclusive Sneak Peek scene from the highly anticipated premiere of the final season of Breaking Bad. Previously Recorded. Host Chris Hardwick, cast members and guests discuss the episode "Blood Money," from the groundbreaking series Breaking Bad. Host Chris Hardwick, cast members and guests discuss the episode "Buried," from the groundbreaking series Breaking Bad. Host Chris Hardwick, cast members and guests discuss the episode "Confessions," from the groundbreaking series Breaking Bad.

Host Chris Hardwick, cast members and guests discuss the episode "Rabid Dog," from the groundbreaking series Breaking Bad. Host Chris Hardwick, cast members and guests discuss the episode "To'hajiilee," from the groundbreaking series Breaking Bad. Host Chris Hardwick, cast members and guests discuss the episode "Ozymandias," from the groundbreaking series Breaking Bad. Host Chris Hardwick, cast members and guests discuss the episode "Granite State," from the groundbreaking series Breaking Bad.

Host Chris Hardwick, cast members and guests discuss "Felina," the series finale of the groundbreaking show Breaking Bad. Diagnosed with terminal cancer, research chemist turned high school teacher Walter White Bryan Cranston decides to provide for his wife and disabled teenage son by using his considerable skills to start a meth lab.

His new business becomes a ticket into a shady criminal underworld — and to a much-needed new lease on life. Every episode you will spend on the edge of your seat, and after the episode is over you'll remember to start breathing again. Bryan Cranston should have won the emmy, his portrayal of Walter White and the transformation into Heisenberg is the epitome of acting.

The writing is honestly the best I've seen in any show or movie, the plot and character twists will make your head spin. Best of all it makes people interested in chemistry! Purchased the full season.

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