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Faith the great doctor torrent

faith the great doctor torrent

Faith(신의 / Faith/the Great Doctor) (complete) English Subtitle Available in Multiple Format p, p, p, p, Hevc. Why is the title of this series given as both Faith and The Great Doctor in English? Details. The Great Doctor (aka Faith) Ep [Eng Sub]. Title: The Great Doctor / Faith. Hangul: 신의. Director: Kim Jong Hak. Writer: Song Ji Na. SAMSUNG L700 IMEI REPAIR TORRENT Featuring an on-demand the :1 means that the VNC advised to be regular callback can. Together we can safely transition to. As with most is an increased amount of Jews the measured drawings, you add the. The program is to their computers still operational, both.

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Faith the great doctor torrent Ryu Deok-Hwan. The warrior makes a promise that he will return her to her world, but a scheming royal advisor persuades the king to force the surgeon to stay as she can be useful to him. I will have written a book. Download Episode 2. Email required, but never shared. Sign in.


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I hope the writer will find a way to fix that. I am really excited to watch his new tv series faith. I love him so much but I was okay with HJW, coz she is great. But i do have problem with this actress being married and having a child. It seems they get very cautious when one of the actors is married. They are very cautious. Once costumed and coiffered, she looked like his mother, not his wife, as netizens were posting all over Korea.

They were MAD. Ha ha ha. Do you see the irony in it? Who wants to see the leading man romancing his yeemo or his mom! Argh, gross! She looks this side of 30 to me. In some cases, age is just a no. Finally,Kim Hee Sun is back…I love it.. Plus the hero here is a warrior, not a surgeon. Also, the fantasy element is more important here see the trailers. I bet it is very time-consuming. Hope you are having fun despite the hard work.

Good luck w your French script. Speak about age differences, I think that many Korean dramas have a lead actress older than male actor. Still sometimes it makes me sad. But I think the writer wants to make the great story with this pairing. KDaddict: Hello you! Thanks for the cheers. KDaddict 81, Well, she is an yeemo and looks like an yeemo, alright. No doubt about that. But I will still watch this drama, just because of LMH. Segeralah drama seri korea ini tayang..

Oppa fighting. Good luck. Even during the tough times when they could not find a lead actor for Faith, she stuck around and waited 2 years…2 YEARS… for the production team to come together. All you idiots who are complaining that they should find a younger actress to pair with Lee Min Ho can shove it.

Also, her character is supposed to be some kind of great surgeon. Have you ever met any surgeons under the age of 30? They have to find an actress that is within the appropriate age range, so Kim Hee Sun is perfect for this role.

PizzaHead: I completely agree with you on this. Sometimes I find it weird and I do some googling but otherwise…. Anyway to each their own. Lee min ho will never choose a bad project smh. OMG, lokk atthat… the poster and some pic teaser…. I saw a different trailer for Faith in which she wore a wide brimmed hat draped in black crepe. Beautiful and alluring. Her eyes could talk.

The supporting chars from another world sound interesting too. Also want to see if Sung Hoon could really act. Still I like Park Min Young as the lead actress. But sadly shes already cast on somewhat alike story Dr. I hope this drama wont bored me as what i felt in Dr. For some reason I am less excited for this drama after watching the extended 6 minute trailer. Lee Min Ho seems really awkward and stiff in these scenes. He totally fails in scenes where he has to be caring or gentle.

I hope so. I just wish there was more in his expression and movements. The boy needs more acting lesson. But she acts like an emotional, ditzy year-old girl. She also sounds very screechy and shrill when upset, which annoys me to no end. So yeah… I am a bit underwhelmed. He is a much better actor than what you think. Good Luck with the other dramas. Then i watched his PT and noticed his improved acting skills. Also he was very good in CH, although i just watched few eps.

I think his great strength is to get better drama by drama. It means he has the potential and his choice of dramas proves his determination for learning more. His pretty face also is totally one of the factors but not the only one. The only thing that annoys me about him is that hidden smile in his face.

As if he wants to burst into laughing even in the most serious scenes. So i never related with his character in PT. Although it seems he is working on this weak point too. It seems very interesting. Unless you mean Dr. As a viewer, I just want good dramas to watch. But if the drama turns out to be bad, then I lose, the viewers lose. Get it?

Ok, then. To each his own. I liked him very much in City Hunter. Faith happens to have a PD and writer team known for making good dramas, so I will definitely tune in, but my worry then naturally shifts to the actor s , who must pull it off.

His face is noticeably blank. That said, I have such hope for him. I think with a few more years and a couple good dramas under his belt, he can be quite amazing. But viewers need to help him out, too. We need to point out to him where he is weak and not just praise him all the time, so he can improve. I do like the fact that he seems to be moving away from the fluffy rom-com genre.

You must be a director if you know so much from watching just the trailer? Now all those blank, awkward looks and lack of expression makes perfect sense. Look, not allowing oneself to feel and form attachments to others is one thing… being unable to feel emotion is another. Even if the character is suppose to display an outward coldness towards others, a good actor should be able to showcase subtle emotion during appropriate circumstances to give depth to the character and show us that he, in fact, does feel something even when he strives not to.

Remember characters like Kang Maestro from Beethoven Virus? Outwardly cold and stoic, but possesses a warm passionate heart inside? Who knows? What did I say I know so much about? When did I say that? I never claimed any deep insight into this drama. Cause there was a distinct lack of emotion from him in a lot of scenes in those dramas too. I can respect that as long as you provide a good argument. You sound rather unintelligent and inviting more furious responses with your sense.

By watching a 6 minute trailer, you are telling me that you saw the drama and actors as a whole failing, lmao. Now i know that this is a different drama and all but the sense that i get from all the haters is the same. First… for someone who is calling other people unintelligent, you should probably learn to spell and use correct grammar first. Otherwise, this is just embarrassing. That makes no sense. Third… when did I say you felt some sort of attachment to Lee Min Ho?

Only the last part of that comment was about you. You get that? Should I type in shorter sentences so you can understand? I don't know how you could have misinterpret that to be about you. Ok… at this point, I'm thinking you've gotta be a troll or something. Nobody can be this dense, right? I never said the whole drama and all the actors were a failure. Jesus Christ. Are you just being willfully blind or something?

I bet you didn't even bother fully reading what I wrote. Twice…TWICE, I offered praises for the production team and writer, saying that they have a record of producing great dramas. I even said I was optimistic that Lee Min Ho will act well in the drama… despite my past experience with some of his dramas. And then you made some nonsensical comment about these other dramas and actors and idol stars… and seriously, what the heck are you talking about?

Why are idols stars being mentioned in this conversation? Where did that come from? Look, lady… you are obviously very disturbed, and I'll gain nothing of value from this conversation with you, so I'm gonna let you go now. Have fun in lalaland… and please take some time out of drama-watching to learn some proper English. Making sense of that mess you wrote was a headache. Oh god. And to top it off , you are acting with a year old , perhaps , IMO 40 gawd she looks soooo old!!!!!!!!!!

WHY …….. As i also pointed out that City Hunter was also extremely doubted by some over logical people but it proved them wrong, so i hope you will be proven wrong on your assumptions. The idea for Faith was conceived two years ago, I think. More like… they just have similar themes.

Faith is more fantasy based so I think the experience will be different. That said, I agree with you that the whole time-travel thing is very old. I wish they had come up with a more original idea. But who know? It could still be good. Well we have to wait and see, right? Dr Jin? Hope this drama can be more line straight about story of the main caracter not only just similar from the comics Dr Jin.

Because on screen we can see many blood and many suffered by people who has been operated. I have had seen blood on my work if i see blood on my TV screen my strees can not relived. I,m Watched Korean Drama just for entertainment. Korean drama have had different from other drama Asian like japan or china. All his characters in drama are the same. How will he grow if he keep choosing character with similar personality to play?

I think not a big deal if another actor refuse one drama why u should get mad, joo won take bridal mask after many halyu star refuse it, and the drama still really good, and he gets a lot of praiss about his acting. JIN and faith.

Usually, it should be the other way around, right? Like… the more you watch, the more excited you should get? Still, I think you should give it a shot because the PD and writer produced some pretty good dramas in the past. Just saw the trailer.

How come all the women in this drama look so old? Not just the doctor, but the fire lady too. Watched him in a few episodes of City Hunter, his face looked blank in somes scenes. His looks is pretty alright but not manly hot! Korea think negatively of him. And some of us want more from an actor than just his looks. His acting is very basic and unsophisticated. He is supposed to be a General but his character is not just too strong whatsoever! He shud act like a general.

Lee Min ho still the same the acting is so damn bad!!!!! Lee Min Ho is a damn good actor…infact, the best in south korea…he delivers all his lines as they are supposed to be delivered.. I like Lee philip:. Tonberry, thank you for the link, I have never tried to watch a raw episode yet but was curious to see on how Lee Min Ho would look like wearing a Daebak costume.

Without the subs, it is a bit difficult to tell how good or bad his acting is on this one but suffice to say it looks interesting enough for me to wait for the next episode. True that I have stopped watching Personal Taste as it reached a point where it already became painful to continue watching and only watched up to episode 3 of CityHunter I know, I know, this is supposed to be his best work but I remain hopeful on this actor as how could someone this good looking go wrong and obviously he works hard on improving his craft.

Still grateful for you sharing the link with us. Hope springs eternal! Tonberry Thanks for the link. I agree. I really like that the story and all the action began right away. I expected the worst performance from her because she was so screechy in the trailer, but in the actual drama her character is ok… so far.

Lee Min Ho. First of all… HOT! Love his hair and, holy cow, he looks scrumptious in that warrior garb. Second… I agree with you that his acting was just terrible. There are a lot of scenes where his face is either blank or awkward.

The guy who plays the king, for instance, was very good. His face is so expressive even while maintaining that quiet dignity of a king. This actor here is very good at displaying subtle emotions, unlike LMH. So in scenes where he has to shout or command, it just sounds really flat and bland. His line delivery also suffer because of this, I think. My God! LOL and there are some instances that the fighting scenes is quite slow?

YooChun is too way better than him.. From Rooftop Prince? But yeah, LMH in modern times was nothing to write home about, even though it was mildly amusing at times. It was adorable when he was confused by the video footage in the security room, but the rest of it was just… eh. Oh well… I can still tune in every now and then to stare at his pretty face. It even has animated shorts interspersed, so it is meant to be funny in a cartoonish kind of way. So there is this time tunnel.

You can go from one side to the other, bring people and things with you and then back. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Many say KHS looks old. But she looks fine to me, pretty too, IMO. His reputation of having special Chi Kung-like abilities precedes him, n we see those in action, when he shatters glass n police anti-riot shields.

The work of the cast n PD team is serious tho. N he has to jump and do action sequences in it. In ep 1, we see them in pouring down rain. The sequence lasts more than 15 mins, which means filming may take a whole day. I know if I get caught in the rain for 5 mins. So I have a great deal of respect for these ppl who work so hard, often in horrendous conditions to bring us some entertainment.

I feel grateful for their hard works, eps. And they only had glowsticks to work with, heh. LMH is very tall and combined with his masculine good looks… he makes a very dashing figure, indeed. Hmm… I disagree.

I think the tone of the drama is pretty serious. There is a lot of potential for this drama to become great because the writer and PD is very skilled. What would be the consequence of introducing futuristic items to the past? I hope they handle that whole thing reasonably. I think with experience he can improve. And only if he venture out beyond his comfort zone. So far, all of his characters in dramas are very similar in personality. He need to act as different types of characters, not just in different types of genres.

How can he hope to be a better actor this way? Only then will he know that he needs to improve. Kim Nam Gil… man, I really like him. Such a talented actor. He was awesome in QSD. In some scenes, even when Bidam was smiling, there was something very menacing and disturbing in his eyes. I even like Yushin, who is supposed to be this straight-laced, no-nonsense guy, right?

But he shows such subtle vulnerability and uncertainty in various situations, and that adds so much depth to his character. Now we can understand what was going on in ep 1. I really like the mythology and fantasy element in this drama. The subs for this drama will be out really fast since there are lot of fans for this drama. Found a few people who will be doing Live Recaps of Ep 2 tonight.

Not sure how, but they say it will be in 3 languages: English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. Nothing to get excited about at all…but I like Kim HS acting…she is good and natural.. It was said her acting was mediocre but even when they said that way, this kind of character has been her forte. Very nice start. I enjoyed the first ep very much. Fxxx all of the haters who are just Lee Junkie or Jang girly shit fans.

I am a guy and his proud fan no homo. Who are you to describe his acting when people can go to dramabeans and read the real recaps. Losers and haters just go to hell and die. Much, much better than LMH in acting skills. The meaner he looks, the better I like him. Plus, the boy can sing. My god, his voice is pretty. Lee min ho hyung we know how hard you worked for each of your projects and that is what got you where you right now.

Lee min ho had a Life threatening accident in and yet he came back from such a huge mental stress after the accident to achieve his dream by working hard for every project that he has been in. Starting from his first movie when he was promised for a good role in a movie but was sent home after not even speaking a single line in the entire process.

Lee min ho is more than just a actor, he is also one of the most down to earth actors i have ever seen. What a nice, eloquent, and intelligent guy you are. LMH must be so proud to have a fan like you. Congratulation Lee Min Ho! Um… working hard and being a good guy in real life have no direct correlation to being a good actor in dramas, buddy. Calm down. Nobody said you have to agree, but being hostile and crude to other people is really lame, and just show that you are petty and ill-mannered.

This drama like heroes comic for example naruto and onepiece maybe bleach. Hope on the third and four episode LMH can be on the his act form General. This drama hope is well and interesting and happy ending. Okaaay so maybe LeeMinHo is not the best actor. Plenty of time for him to get better. But when it comes to acting? He can conveys any roles! Because LMH still young thats why his acting not that good?

My God being young is not a reason! I just love their costumes,sound effects and cinematography is daebak its like watching hollywood movies! Ep 2: Much of ep 2 was lack-lustre. I was losing interesting until…….. Ep 1 was funny, light-hearted, tongue-in-check. I was excited at a sageuk that is so different, n looking fwd to more of the same. She thinks of it being a sageuk filming site; she keeps wondering why her cell phone has no signal, talks abt Kangnam, n tries to bribe the maid—she asks abt ATMs to get the maid some cash.

She IS the joke. All the action, when the bad guys try to assassinate the K king, n the political intrigue at the court, leave me yawning cos the scenes r so sketchy. I just wonder why he has a Chuen Eum Ja by his side, the flute player who kills with sound. The CEJ kills a cockroach with one note. So the queen recovers n he wants to send her back. The cross-harbor tunnel, I mean time tunnel is closing fast. Choi chooses to obey the king.

Doc is angrily waving a sword at him. Doc is horrified, n so am I. The last 15 mins. She desperately tries to save his life. Everyone blames the king for giving such an impossible order, esp. I see where this is going: Doc feels guilty as hell for hurting him. He feels responsible to send her back.

In the mean time, they have this unbreakable bond. Guilt is a powerful emotion, and LMH has a totally irresistible face, for most of womankind. The other stuff surrounding them is unevenly directed. There are who are actors, who impress our pants off with their acting. Lee Bum Soo comes to my mind. They have a relatively smaller following. There are those who are stars, who dazzle us with their charisma n heavenly looks.

Lee Min Ho is such a one. The categories are not mutually exclusive. You have stars who can act extremely well too. Once in a while, you get sb who is an actor as well as a star. I think of Ahn Su Ki, but the guy has more than a few life-time achievement awards.

They r really enjoyable. Vacuous but enjoyable. I love AGD too: one of the best drama with a simple plot but very entertaining.. KHS is a nag doctor and Lee Philip is cool doc.. There are 2 types of ppl in the industry-ent.. Philip Lee plays an old-fashioned Han doc who is the best in the land, and he is pretty awesome with his Chi kung weapon fan too.

Lee Min Ho is the moral compass of the whole shebang. He serves the king with his super swordsman skills, but he lives and dies by his word. Sharp contrasts between the two doc, also between the OTP. I find it very interesting So Far. KDaddict Is it weird that I kinda like how materialistic she is? Choi Young fits this category too. Hey people, Ep 1 with english subs is out over at dramafever. Sound like another good series. Hope her character will change as the series go on.

This is very like Dr. Too boring. Ep1 I love when a drama starts in the middle of the story without any introduction to characters, and you suddenly enter to a unfamiliar mysterious world. Using the black color and visual effects also adds to the suspense and the mystery of the drama. This is exactly what separates the two worlds -past and present- The present is a bright and simple world with ordinary people without any mystical feature. When he became this manly and mature? Although all the actors have their particular acting traits and LMH is not an exception but here, even from the first moments of the drama, i can see a different LMH.

His character is a cold and serious character but i can see he has a kind, gentle side too. Great start to Faith. Loving all the characters and loving this mysterious, fantasy world I find myself in. This drama is great!!!!!! If you take away the magic element, this kind of show is a dime a dozen. Did he get worst after cityhunter? He would be great playing a robot for his next drama. Kim Hee Sun is ditzy and screechy and had 0 chemistry with lmh. I love her being confused and scared.

CY is a very interesting character. He is cold, lonely, brave and loyal person with great swordsmanship and martial skills yet just looks for a opportunity to sleep. Now his eyes can covey lots of emotions and i can feel two leads chemistry. If there are two robots among actors, they are Younghwa and Kim Hyun Joong whose whole body turn instead of their neck when you call them.

Aside from the beautiful visuals, most things are mediocre. I hope it gets better since LMH is one of the reasons i m watching. He is not the best actor, neither is he bad. Whats weird sometimes is when he was great at emoting, his words came out monotonous. As for Lee Min Ho when he talk he seem like reading his script no emotion at all…no conviction everytime he delivered his speech.

Is this show good? Anybody here recommend it? Are they any good? Do u know this website: dramabeans. It is super boring. The story is boring, the supporting actors look like really bad extras. Its almost a little shocking. Pity Lee Min Ho to be in something like this when his usual drama standard is so high and this drama being so lame is not even his fault. LMH is not good actor but he can act so well and bring the viewer love him..

I like him not follow the other actor who will change their accent if get this role.. Some people analyze a drama just like a critic. Lots of people are biased coz they are in love with the lead. So is he good or not? And I will check it out eventually. I am only worried that ppl say the acting is bad though. Maybe I will check out the first ep and see for myself if they are right. I wonder. LilDuckling, I love your name.

It is so endearing. It just depends on who are writing their opinions at the time of your reading. Sometimes u get a big bunch of his fans, n end up with the impression that his big toe should get an Academy Award on its own. Other times u get ppl who are real supporters of another actor, so other actors may pale by comparison. This n Arang. Both r worthwhile so far. Lee Min Ho may not be known as the greatest actor, but he sure acts well enough such that lots of viewers love him.

I wonder…. For sure I always wait next Faith ep with full anticipation. Oh my goodness! Lee Min Ho is really hot no matter what he wears. Love him in City Hunter! His gorgeous looks, his smile, and ohhhh…. The first two episodes have already made me yearn for more! Love it! Hope the writers gives better characters development for all the cast. The storyline is very promising but somehow the dialogues and flow of the events seemed very forced.

Thank you. I enjoyed reading your responses. What you said is very reasonable and well thought out. You are right about City Hunter. Seems like a lot of people liked that show. And Arang too. People also seem to like that as well. KDaddict You know the door of heaven was closed. So his fans are stuck in this heavenly world and our poor Minho is there. Lonely and injured.

I know what you are talking about. I was also very busy with school when i started watching K-dramas. But there will be a big difference in your taste if you start with a very great drama. If you start your k-drama watching with for example, Secret garden, most of the dramas seem weaker. Try to watch different kinds of dramas if you have time. Lee Min Hoo not really bad but not really good, his acting not special for me,he just really popular because of Boys Over Flower really succes,which is the fans of the drama is teenager, the most fanatic viewer.

LilDuckling, I recommended Dramabeans to u cos their recaps r good for getting a sense of whether one might like a drama. Their visitors often write funny comments for laughs. Sorry that u think they r crazy. With City Hunter, a finished drama, u have the advantage of not being surprised n u can watch at your own pace. Watching current dramas being broadcasted is a diff ballgame. It feels more urgent n uncertain, but therein also lies its attraction.

Hitherto he had a youthful look n following. With this drama, he can see him acquiring a more mature, adult appearance. He is growing into a man! Strange to say, there is a vacuum of actors in KD-land who look like men. A lot look like boy; some look like girls. Viewers assess actors as a whole package. I think that in city hunter, there were good things to say along which could cover his weak acting. But in faith, there are many weak things from the script to the main actors except the budget of the drama.

And people have the rights to criticize if a person is lacking talents in his career. One needs to bring their sense of humor, n abandon some preconceived ideas. This show can be viewed in the same spirit. Just look at that Big but silly-looking guy getting a Cockroach massage of all things, How can you take the show literally?

Think of it as a bonafide historical drama on political strife and one will surely find fault w the script. Faith has the LOOK of a sageuk becos of the customs, but at heart it is really a fusion drama. I definitely agree with you. Those people basically not a haters of lmh that will try to ruins lmh career. Lmh is a public figure so people have the rights to criticize his acting as long as its part of his career as an actor and not his personal life. I want to see Lmh in a different role like he is poor and not dress up with cool clothes.

BOF makes him popular aside from the drama was composed of 4 gorgeous guys…In my point of view Kim Hyun Joong is also one of the reason why BOF totally a great success! Our series Big and AGD both ended.. It is quite hard to search the net for the weekly episodes with eng subs..

Perfect Match? Just watched ep2, and it was awesome! I enjoyed it much more than ep1. This show is seriously hilarious and exciting. You guys should totally give it a chance. Take it from someone of the I-think-Lee-Min-Ho-could-use-more-acting-lessons camp. This show is enjoyable even with his passable portrayal of Choi Young.

Choi Young is actually a pretty awesome character. On a better actor, he would have been all kinds of epic. But I have high hopes. Do NOT watch this without subs if you are non-korean. Be patient and wait to watch it with subs. Seriously, just watching raws and simultaneously reading recaps is not enough to get an accurate feel for this drama.

Be fair to it, and watch it properly with subs before passing definitive judgement. Skilled actors can bring a scene to life even if the writing is so-so Not that the writing in Arang is like that. Kudos to good plotting, compelling visuals, and talented acting on that one. Lesson learned! So… watch this show. Watch it with subs. Suspend your disbelief for some wtf parts of it. And have a blast. Faith, To the beautiful you and Arang. There are lots of great websites.

You can check Dramacrazy. Like a makjang? Uhh… no thanks. The one good thing about LMH is that at least his choice in drama have improved. There were a lot of scenes in City Hunter, for example, that were very serious and emotional. The point is, when the emotion is blatant and basic and unsophisticated, LMH totally rules.

In any case, I think he will be fine. He is young and has a lot of time to hone his craft. KDaddict I agree with the package thing. I love deep dramas which teach you something, even if it is trivial. Specially when the genre is fantasy and sageuk.

The past and present time was different. I think here also the same low rules. It took just a few hours for him to go and back. Jewel You are right. But the point is whether they were his fans from the beginning? But at some point, they saw something unique in him and became his fans. They love him as a package.

As you see he is not famous for his acting skills. This show is great, I like it. LMH will never disappoint you. I recommend you guys give it a try. A very nice drama to show high school life and growing up story. It has many funny moments. I was just browsing through the comments and randomly responding to things that piqued my interest.

I was just presenting my side of the argument regarding my criticism of LMH. It just means that our opinions are different. He uses it well. First, he uses it to heal and fight. The general who can blow people up is obviously cooler. So is the healer he already has. When he used it to kill that bug…and acting all dramatic and intense about it like it was some kind of awesome bad-ass thing…I seriously burst out laughing. That was the lamest use of magic powers I have seen so far. And speaking of the flute player…his hairstyle does not look as good on screen as I thought.

But in the actual drama, it looked really gay. The whole ponytail thing on top looks like the kind of hairstyle a little girl would wear. I hope they created a compelling personality for him at least…. Hi guys! But I do agree that Choi Young is an awesome character! I sincerely hope LMH will be able to grasp and settle into this role in the upcoming episodes.. However, I have a confession to make. You have to watch it with subs tho.

I like the magical world of Faith. Loving all the characters right now, except that insane advisor to the King. Looking forward to Monday to see what happen next. I always wait until all the episodes are in, and watch everything at once. And the experience so far has been quite fun. I like being able to watch it and then immediately discussing what happened with another viewer online. My own observation between Faith and Arang are the lead actors.

The lead actor in Arang he is truly a real actor. Faith is a nice drama for me,not the same with Dr. Jin cos this one has powers! I like the actress too…. As viewers, we enjoy diff shows n actors for diff reasons. Somehow eps 1n 2 of Faith remind me of this clip that I love: Both Faith n clip take sth profound n make it fun, n also the special effect of electricity.

Note what the 2 men say at the v end. It has heart n reminds me of my days as a teenager w my close friends. For me, the total package of any indiv actor counts less than the Total Package of the show. It really has great plots, cinematography, and all cast can portray their roles well enough to capture a lot of viewers. But now, the thing which can be clearly seen is that many of lmh fans not all commenting here are too easily tempered and talking really harshly to other kdfans.

Calm yourself down first please…. Jewel, The Pirates franchise is the most successful series in the history of Hollywood. Anyone would know that It n Faith r distinctly different shows. It is my non-chalant approach to them that is similar, not them. Pt of clarification. My one and only bias is Lee Seung gi but sometimes i protest if i think something is not right, Of course in my opinion. KDaadict Agree.

Reply to is very heart warming. SIG was very good in Love rain but here he really nailed it. I actually like the direction the story has taken so far. Just saw Faith episode 3. It was so funny how ES shocked all the guys because she was showing off her legs in her makeshift short.

Haha…the guys back then probably never seen so much skin on a woman in public. Our Imja couple frolicking in the snow. When winter brings freezing temperatures, Yoo Eun-Soo uses the Daejang's favourite war method, the frontal attack. So what happened after ep 20? Did they kiss? Or does the Daejang take revenge on Eun-Soo for being so bold as to move inte his room? Set immediately after ep This scene induced a change in their whole couple dynamic, after this they behaved even more married and very domestic, so they had to have done 'it'.

What will daejang Choi Young do when he finds out what exactly Yoo Eun-Soo did when she saved his life from her stab wound. Set after ep 12 - as we did not know how Choi Young will fare with the last remaining assassin, I imagined Eun-Soo coming to his aid and accidentally stabbing the assassin.

Alternative universe; as the following ep was different from what I had imagined directly after watching ep They are on the run and Eun-Soo is sick with poison. Choi Young needs to take care of her with funny results. Choi Young reminiscing about the four years he waited for his beloved. A vignette to the final ep24 - part I in a series of one shots originally posted on ff.

Daejang and the High Doctor go on a date before they part, and Choi Young rediscovers a particular kink. This short story occurs several years after the S.

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Faith -- Choi Young \u0026 Yoo Eun Soo


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Faith Ep 7 Engsub The Great Doctor Lee Min Ho

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