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When Maureen can't talk the Dhars out of launching, John sneaks aboard their Jupiter 4 and triggers the emergency shut down. Later, the gathered colonists are told the planet is becoming uninhabitable; Penny breaks up with Vijay after she learns he told his father about the black hole. Maureen devises a launch plan by piloting the Jupiters like the Apollo program , with John and Don as pilots.

Judy informs Maureen about the real Dr. Smith, so Maureen confines the fake Smith as she then claims to really be physicist Jessica Harris. Removing life support to trim extra weight, the Resolute signals they must leave orbit within 24 hours due to the approaching Hawking radiation. This news forces John and Don to launch in the Jupiter 4 ahead of schedule in the evening. Harris deceives Will with a promise to save his dad and escapes, knocking out Maureen just when John needs her flight instructions.

Without instruction and with everyone watching from the ground, the ship explodes mid-air. Will tries signaling his father using his radio. Harris drives a captive Maureen to the alien wreck. She claims she did not know that Maureen was guiding the ship launch.

Harris promises to help Maureen get her children off the planet in exchange for Maureen helping her with the alien ship. Will discovers that the cave rocks he collected are dried biomass which can be used to fuel the Jupiter ships to reach the Resolute. While colonists harvest the biomass, Judy searches for Maureen.

The colonists gather enough biomass to power all the Jupiters but they must remove it quietly to avoid waking the dangerous winged predators roosting in the cave. Will detects a signal he believes is from John. Periodic flashbacks reveal the Christmas Star was not a meteor but an alien craft. Its engine was used to build Resolute. The robot's attack was an attempt to retrieve the stolen engine.

The group narrowly escape the cave after awakening the creatures. Judy tracks down Harris and Maureen. She disables Harris, but the robot reactivates and now obeys the "Doctor's" commands. Having survived the explosion, John and Don cling to the ship's wreckage in orbit, with only hours of air left and message Will. The Robot now under Harris's control rejects Will's attempt to re-bond, but Smith allows Maureen's rescue attempt of John in the Jupiter 2.

Victor hails the Robinsons, saying all colonists on the Resolute must leave in one hour to avoid the radiation. Maureen traps Harris and the robot, but they escape shortly thereafter. After Maureen lures the robot into the cargo bay and knocks him into space, a second alien robot SAR arrives to retrieve its engine.

Will goes outside to manually close the damaged open hatch, but losing his grip he is saved by John, who was rescued by Harris shooting a harpoon. With all Robinsons safely aboard Jupiter 2 , Maureen confines Harris, grateful but still distrusting of her. Before they can dock with the Resolute , the alien engine activates and catapults Jupiter 2 to a different solar system. Will recognizes the system's configuration from the Robot's sand drawing as "Danger". Seven months later, on an oceanic planet with a lethal methane-rich atmosphere, the Jupiter 2 crew survive on a narrow land spit.

While stranded there, Maureen studies the alien engine. When a breach in the make-shift hothouse destroys the food crop, the family decides to somehow leave the planet. To recharge the ship's battery, they erect tall sails on the Jupiter's hull to navigate the ship toward a potential electrical storm. Mid-voyage, they hit a reef while attempting to outrun a monsoon, during which John is injured.

Maureen is forced to release the imprisoned Harris who, claiming she can sail, successfully helms the Jupiter through a narrow reef passage. Harris later hints that she deliberately breached the hothouse to destroy the crops, knowing Maureen wanted to leave the planet while John was content staying there.

Continuing their voyage, they encounter a deep waterfall that is actually a massive metal trench traversing the ocean and has the same properties as the Robot. With Jupiter 2 perched on the trench's edge, the crew siphon the atmosphere for fuel and use a lightning strike to recharge the ship. Invasive toxic kelp renders the Jupiter immobile. A strand pricks Don's leg, causing anaphylactic shock which Judy treats with a transfusion using Harris's blood.

Huge waves of the waterfall sweep Penny and Maureen off the hull and into the trench. While trapped, Penny laments being "average" compared to her siblings, though Maureen disagrees. John lowers the chariot into the trench but the tether falls short. Penny devises a make-shift ladder that reaches the chariot. As lightning powers the ship into space, the SAR's the Second Alien Robot severed arm inside the Jupiter reanimates from the power surge.

Maureen notices a momentary engine spike on the ship's monitor during the lightning strike. The Resolute ' s electromagnetic signature is detected and a course is plotted for it. Harris secretly hides some of the toxic kelp inside one of the copies of Penny's book. Jupiter 2 reaches the Resolute which has been evacuated and left on reserve power.

They find that the last log entry was seven months earlier. Harris sneaks aboard the Resolute and creates a diversion that closes off various deck sections, trapping Maureen and John, and, separately, Penny and Will, who are cut off from Judy. Harris then accesses the Resolute ' s database and deletes incriminating evidence against her and assumes Dr. Zachary Smith's identity, becoming "Zoe" Smith, a therapist, while leaving the real Dr. Smith in a medical stasis compartment. Judy encounters Samantha, a young girl left behind on the Resolute ; Will and Penny hide in the dining hall as a damaged robot crawls through the halls.

Observing from the Jupiter 2 cockpit, Don, still recovering, helps the Robinsons navigate the Resolute. John and Maureen trap the robot in the engine room. Judy and Samantha encounter Harris, who realizes Samantha's father was the man she blew out of the airlock earlier in the mission.

Another Jupiter arrives with Mission leader Ben Adler. He says the damaged robot, called Scarecrow, was forced to pilot the Resolute on all missions. John and Maureen meet Hastings, the Resolute ' s secret director of piloting Scarecrow. Ben explains that during SAR's attack, it took the alien engine with it. Maureen offers the alien engine aboard Jupiter 2. Don, John, and Judy go to the planet below to help the colonists find water. A parasitic spore that destroys metal causes the drilling rig over a deep well to collapse, trapping John below.

All traffic to the Resolute is halted to prevent the parasite's spread. As Commander Radic interrogates Harris, she infects him with the toxic kelp, putting him in a coma. With Radic incapacitated and a falsified identity, Harris now has a "clean slate. Will tries bonding with Scarecrow, giving it SAR's detached arm to repair itself.

Distrusting any human, it attempts to attack him. Adler reveals to Maureen that the Resolute was built around the alien ship's engine after it crashed on Earth, an event mischaracterized as the Christmas Star meteor; only a robot can operate the engine. After touching the damaged engine, Will sees through his connection to the robot that it is alive on the planet.

John is injured while attempting to climb out of the well. Judy, miles away at base camp, takes medical supplies and goes in a rover to treat him. When the metal-eating parasite causes the vehicle to break down en route, Judy leaves the protected corridor and runs through dangerous open terrain to reach John. When it is discovered that human contact is spreading the metal infection, all traffic to the Resolute is halted to contain it. Maureen and Adler escort Will to the planet to find the Robot.

On the Resolute , Penny remains intent on exposing Smith's fraud and criminality after suspecting she infected Radic. Penny is reunited with Vijay and convinces him to help her investigate Smith, though they find nothing. When they encounter Harris in the corridor, Harris tells Penny it does not matter what someone knows, only what can be proved. Penny notices the metallic infection eating through the corridor deck.

Penny, Vijay, Smith, and Mr. Jackson are quarantined in the ship's infected area. Rescue crews are unable to reach them and the captain has ordered the contaminated section to be severed from the Resolute. Don orders Penny, Vijay, Harris, and Jackson to get into an air-tight, portable storage unit that Don will attempt to retrieve with a Jupiter after it is blasted into space. Penny persuades Harris to mind-game the claustrophobic Jackson into compliance. Don successfully retrieves the container but is arrested after his smuggling activities are exposed.

Maureen, Will, and Ben search for the Robot on the planet's surface. It arrives to save them from a pack of predators. Leading them to a cave, it attempts communication, but Will quickly realizes that it is actually the SAR. It lured Will to the planet's surface, using the Robot as bait. Maureen later confronts Adler about the weapon's lethality. Will falls down a fissure where he finds the true Robot.

While discussing the water decontamination process with John, Captain Kamal suddenly seems alarmed by an audio transmission and ends their conversation. The transmission reveals that numerous alien ships are converging on the Resolute. With Don in lockup, John is forced to ask for Harris's help. Harris apparently contacts security, who arrest John. She then joins Hastings' inner circle; both John and Harris later reveal that they were working together to obtain information.

Harris has learned that once Maureen and Will return with the Robot, the Resolute , having a limited water supply, will depart for Alpha Centauri with only those currently on board, stranding the remaining colonists on the planet. Adler intends to use the Robot to pilot the alien engine the same as Scarecrow, which was chained and tortured into compliance.

Adler observes the Robot's emotional empathy for living things. After the Robot removes the alien engine from Jupiter 2 , John updates Maureen about Hastings' true intent. Maureen notices a nearby ammonium-rich gas giant that can shorten the water decontamination to a few days. The Robinsons and their allies plot a mutiny to rescue the stranded colonists. Maureen navigates the Resolute into the gas giant 's atmosphere to collect ammonium. As the mutiny is launched, Hastings tells John about Maureen having given him her access codes in exchange for Will being accepted into the Jupiter program.

If Maureen refuses to surrender the bridge, Hastings threatens to open an airlock where crew are working. John sends Harris to warn Maureen, but Harris detours to avoid confronting Samantha and her mother, taking her longer to reach the bridge and arriving too late to gain access. Hastings opens the airlock, trapping Ava and Don, who are barely surviving using air masks. Maureen saves them by closing the airlock from the outside in a service pod.

The mutiny fails, but Captain Kamal trusts Maureen's calculations and utilizes her plan over Hastings' objections. Meanwhile, Penny tells Will that Robot appears changed, which seems proven when it ignores Will's pleas to help the trapped workers and instead frees Scarecrow.

John berates Harris for betraying them and disbelieves her assertion that she genuinely tried warning Maureen. To protect himself, Hastings attempts to murder John and Maureen by locking them out of the ship while they are outside in separate service pods. Will agrees to help Robot save the dying Scarecrow, which is the reason it refused to take them to Alpha Centauri, by returning it to the planet, assisted by Judy and Penny.

Meanwhile, Harris aids Hastings in foiling their attempt. By playing a shell game , the Robinson children deceive the authorities, and Will is able to get Scarecrow to Jupiter 2 , only to be stopped by Adler. Will convinces a remorseful Adler to help transport Scarecrow to the planet, but Robot is captured to pilot the Resolute.

As Will and Adler travel to the planet, Hastings hooks Robot up to the alien engine and the torture device. Maureen and John, having barely survived Hasting's murder attempt, secretly make it back aboard. Don and the Robinson children keep them hidden. Adler sacrifices himself to save Scarecrow; Maureen, John, and Don seize control of the Resolute when Hastings tries leaving orbit without the stranded colonists.

Robots board the Resolute , with more incoming to retrieve the alien engine. Maureen and Don trap the robots, while Judy captains a mission to send the Resolute ' s ninety-seven children to the Alpha Centauri colony in a Jupiter using the alien engine, piloted by Robot. Unable to travel through the rift, the Resolute crew scatter in the other Jupiters. Harris and Scarecrow both apparently sacrifice themselves battling the invading robots, giving Judy, Will, Penny, and the children time to escape.

Maureen and John stay behind to destroy the Resolute and the robots' ship. Don rescues them in Jupiter 2 before the ship explodes. The Jupiter , carrying the children, escapes through the rift. However, the human-made radar signature that Robot followed has led the ship to an unknown star system. There they see the Fortuna , a ship that vanished nearly twenty years earlier and was commanded by Grant Kelly, Judy's biological father.

Judy boards the orbiting Fortuna and discovers most of the crew were transported in-stasis to a nearby planet via a lander. An asteroid damages the Jupiter , causing the autopilot to direct it to the surface; Judy barely makes it back to the Jupiter and is saved by Harris, who stowed away. Almost a year later, the Resolute children and Harris remain stranded on the planet, which is continually bombarded by meteors.

They work to collect enough titanium to repair the Jupiter's engine. Meanwhile, large asteroids surrounding the planet constantly collide and break into many smaller ones, leaving a shrinking timeframe in which to safely launch the ship. Light years away, the Resolute crew attempt to repair their Jupiter ships, scavenging parts from the Resolute's wreckage while evading the robots. To reach Alpha Centauri, they need to obtain an alien engine and a robot to operate it. Meanwhile, Robot has been discarding the collected titanium to prevent the Jupiter from taking off to protect Will, who the robots are hunting.

Once the children can reach Alpha Centauri, Will secretly intends to leave with Robot to save his family. Robot finds a deserted alien city while Judy searches for the Fortuna's lander. Penny has distanced herself from Will and Judy. Kevin Rodney Sullivan. In a tunnel, Robot shows Will, Penny, and Harris the technology belonging to the extinct race that created the robots.

They instead find a fully functional Scarecrow inside their Jupiter who was initially hostile towards them before Robot and Scarecrow communicate remotely, allowing John and Maureen to talk to Will and Penny. Knowing that the alien race now extinct, Will deduces that the robots' original programming is obsolete and wants them reprogrammed for a new purpose.

Meanwhile, Judy locates the Fortuna lander and revives the in-stasis Grant Kelly; she reveals that he is her biological father. They transport the other in-stasis crew to the Jupiter , leaving them in their pods to conserve oxygen during the flight to Alpha Centauri. In a remote location, robots are restoring SAR. Will returns to explore the cave where he discovers the aliens' skeletal remains, which shows they resembled the robots.

He also finds a control panel and records audio commands. To conserve oxygen during the voyage, it is decided that Harris should be placed in stasis before the Jupiter launches. Will bargains with Harris, promising to release her from stasis upon reaching Alpha Centauri in return for her helping him and Robot leave the planet to protect his family.

Grant disables the Jupiter's autopilot, overriding its safety protocols that will prevent the ship launching into the asteroid field. He successfully navigates through the debris, helped by Judy, who reboots the autopilot mid-takeoff. Meanwhile, Scarecrow helps John, Maureen, and Don attempt to retrieve an alien engine from a robot ship. However, it is soon found out to be a trap, and SAR captures Scarecrow. With SAR's forces on an attack run, the Resolute crew destroy any data revealing Alpha Centauri's location, then await their fate.

SAR uses Scarecrow to remotely connect with Robot to notify the children that their parents are in danger, luring them into a trap. SAR then kills Scarecrow. The children agree to risk their lives to rescue their families.

Their Jupiter is put on autopilot and sent ahead as a decoy while the children, Grant, and Harris follow behind on the Fortuna. With Robot and the alien engine they have on board, a rift can be opened for all Jupiters to escape through.

As the colonists prepare to depart, Will returns to the Fortuna with Robot, hoping to use the signals he recorded in the alien cave to stop SAR, though it fails. The Robinsons are the last to go through the rift, but SAR follows before it closes. Jupiter 2 and the Fortuna are sent on a collision course with another planet.

With the Jupiter left powerless, John orders everyone to eject before it crashes. Everyone safely ejects from the Jupiter 2 except Maureen and Judy, whose ejector seats malfunction. The Jupiter crash lands. They are safe, but Maureen's armed ejector seat will explode if she attempts to stand. John and Penny find Robot trapped in the crashed Fortuna and work to free him.

Meanwhile, a gigantic slug-like creature is slowly swallowing the Jupiter. SAR and the other robots search for Jupiter survivors. Will attempts to retrieve his backpack from a tree. The backpack contains an alien skull he collected from the cave. The Fortuna's power supply spontaneously reboots.

Before John can disable it to remain undetected by the robots, Penny sees unusual footage on a monitor, but it shuts off before she fully views it. John takes the hard drive to watch it later. Judy devises a way to free the Jupiter from the creature and save Maureen. Once freed, Robot leaves to search for Will. Don encounters a robot that scans his body before knocking him unconscious.

Don recovers and returns to the Jupiter. The robot that scanned Don shows SAR what it recorded. Maureen and John watch the Fortuna video footage: five years earlier, a robot entered the Fortuna lander and scanned the in-stasis Grant Kelly. When Don recounts also being scanned, Maureen realizes it detects minute chemical changes within a person's body showing where in the universe they have been.

They realize that Grant was scanned to find at what point within the universe the Earth is located, while Don was scanned because he has been to Alpha Centauri. Will leaves secretly to meet with SAR alone.

He shows SAR the alien skull and asks if he understands what programming is and if he feels sad that the creators are dead. SAR says it understands programming and reveals the robots killed the creators to liberate themselves from the state of being controlled under the orders of their creators. The Robinsons, Don, and Robot search for Will. Before they find him, SAR stabs Will in the heart.

To save Will, Judy puts him into the cryotube until they reach Alpha Centauri. Doctors replace Will's damaged heart with a mechanical one. In exchange for helping, Hastings demands he be released from prison and reinstated to his old post. However, as Hastings retrieves the access codes from his home safe, he is killed, apparently by Robot.

Grant realizes the defense system is voice locked. John and Victor and, separately, Don, Penny, Judy and Vijay pursue Robot to the dam and the electrical generators that power the colony; they discover an advance team of robot saboteurs who murdered Hastings and framed Robot. Robot destroys the saboteurs, but not before they severely damaged the turbines, leaving two of three generators operational.

At the hospital, Harris swipes a syringe, intending to commit a lethal act to protect her true identity. Adam Greydon Reid. Veenu Sandhu. Donny James Lucas. Kwesi Ameyaw. Adam Bogen. Taylor Russell. Iain Belcher. Christopher Pearce. Zen Shane Lim.

Daesha Danielle Usman. Kiki Sukezane. Parker Posey. Douglas Hodge. Rob LaBelle. Viv Leacock. Paul Lazenby. Colby Wilson. Amitai Marmorstein. Sergio Lavaggi. Xiomara Lopez. Charles Vandervaart. Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa. Tristan Jensen. Peter Brown. Bill Mumy. Karen LeBlanc. Shaun Parkes. Toby Stephens. Sibongile Mlambo. Evan Frayne. Sean Millington. Richard Meen. Aria DeMaris. Rowan Schlosberg. JJ Feild. Ignacio Serricchio. Molly Parker. Brian Steele. Jojo Ahenkorah.

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Tom McLaren. Natasha Quirke. Abi Uthman. Emma Yi. Jarett John. Alan Mak. Martin Lo Rimorin. Grace Chin. Nevis Unipan. Yukari Komatsu. Natalie Trent. Hugo Raymundo.

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