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trilogi terakhir negeri 5 menara torrent

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Man Jadda Wajada, siapa yang sungguh-sungguh akan berhasil. Kata-kata juga dimaknai seutuhnya selama pembuatan filmnya oleh mereka yang terlibat. Buku ini menyajikan rangkaian kisah di balik sorot kamera; keringat, air mata, juga tawa milik mereka yang telah bahu-membahu menciptakan sebuah karya layar lebar.

Simak perjalanan yang meliputi serunya perburuan pemeran Sahibul Menara, upaya menembus Pondok Modern Gontor, hingga gerilya syuting di London. Kisah kisah di balik layar ini akan melengkapi dan menjadi kesaksian terwujudnya sebuah keyakinan: Man Jadda Wajada. Sangat inspiratif, membangkitkan semangat jiwaku dan memaksaku untuk tidak gampang putus asa. Man Jadda Wajada. Buku yang sangat inspiratif dan memotifasi siapapun yang mau belajar dan berusaha dalam mengejar impian..

Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Negeri 5 Menara by Ahmad Fuadi. Alif had never set foot outside of West Sumatra. He passed his childhood days searching for fallen durian fruit in the jungle, playing soccer on rice paddies, and swimming in the blue waters of Lake Maninjau. His mother wants him to attend an Islamic boarding school, a pesantren, while he dreams of public high school.

He finds Alif had never set foot outside of West Sumatra. On his first day at MP, Alif is captivated by the powerful phrase man jadda wajada. He who gives his all will surely succeed. United by punishment, he quickly becomes friends with five boys from across the archipelago, and together they become known as the Fellowship of the Manara.

Where would these dreams take them? What they did know was: never underestimate dreams, no matter how high they may be. God truly is The Listener. The Land of Five Towers is the first book in a trilogy written by A. A portion of the royalties from the trilogy are intended to build Komunitas Menara, a volunteer-based social organization which aims to provide free schools, libraries, clinics and soup kitchens for the less fortunate.

To learn more about Komunitas Menara and their activities, check out www. Get A Copy. Mass Market Paperback , pages. More Details Original Title. Negeri 5 Menara 1. Other Editions 6. All Editions. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Negeri 5 Menara , please sign up.

Agus Syaifullah njir w kira bs baca dsni,ternyata ujung2nya cuma sinopsis dan harus beli See 1 question about Negeri 5 Menara…. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Add this book to your favorite list ». Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 4.

Rating details. More filters. Sort order. I moved this review to my blog. View all 35 comments. This novel is the first book written by A. Negeri 5 Menara is inspired by the true story of the writer when he lives in an Islamic boarding school located in East Java. It's published in The main character of this novel is Alif Fikri Chaniago. He is from Maninjau, West Sumatra, and he never goes far from his village.

When he has finished his education in a Madrasah Tsanawiyah an Islamic school which has the same level with Junior High School his dream is to continue his education i This novel is the first book written by A. When he has finished his education in a Madrasah Tsanawiyah an Islamic school which has the same level with Junior High School his dream is to continue his education in a Senior High School. On the day of his graduation he knows that his mother wants him to continue his study in a Madrasah Aliyah an Islamic school which has the same level with Senior High School.

She wants him to learn more about his religion, and be someone who has big efforts for Islam like Buya Hamka. Alif doesn't want to be Buya Hamka, but he wants to be more like Habibie. He chooses to leave his village and study in a Madrasah Aliyah called Pondok Madani PM that located miles and miles from his village. He wants it because he doesn't want to disappoint her mother, but at the same time he wants to show his dissappointment to her mother.

At the first day in his new school he's dazzled by a saying "man jadda wa jada". It means "who is struggling will reach success". He meets a lot of students from every single corner of Indonesia, but there are some friends who are so special for him. They brings their unique character from the place they come from, but they are united by the endless activities and the strict rules of Pondok Madani for six years.

They are getting closer and call themself as Sahibul Menara. They paint their dreams by staring at the clouds together. They choose different path to pursue their dream, but they take the same place to start; Pondok Madani.

This novel is truly inspiring. It burns our spirit. There are so much positive energy in every single word in this novel. We can experience how it feels to live in a dormitory, and find that many things that happen there are so interesting.

This true story reminds us that religion is like an oxygen in everyone's life. We can't seperate it from every aspect of our life including education. It teaches us that we can reach success whatever our choice and our place to start might be.

All you have to do is struggling. Feb 01, Mr. This book was given to me by a patron in a coffee shop in Indonesia. It was during my first week of my travels to Asia, and my first stop was in Bali, Indonesia. During this week, I had become a regular at a coffee shop down the street from me.

Everyday, I would go grab my morning coffee and speak to the Indonesian coffee owners about life in Indonesia, travelling, and, obviously, the beauty of coffee. The coffee shop was named Bahasa, a term in Indonesian that means language or dialect. This sh This book was given to me by a patron in a coffee shop in Indonesia. This shop was aptly named, as it served as the meeting area for expats and locals from around the world. One day, I was the asking the barista questions about his hometown.

I knew that he was from the west of Java, the big island beside Bali, but I was interested in the culture of his island, the food of Indonesia, and the difference between Bali and Java. A major difference, he relayed, was the religions between the two islands. Listening into our conversation, another one of the regulars joined in and offered if I would like to read a firsthand account of Islam in Java. He mentioned that this book might be interesting to me, and that he would bring it to the shop the following day.

This book came to me at a timely manner, as I was already in a period of reflection about travel, morals, knowledge, and the journey of the past to the present. Each of these themes are addressed within the pages of the book. The story begins with Alif, a young village boy from West Sumatra — also our lively narrator — who makes a half-hearted decision to join a regimented religious boarding school MP.

It relates the journey of his intensive learning, Islamic revelations, and own personal development, all while fueled by a sense of self-doubt lingering from his abrupt decision to leave home. His personal story is mixed in with characters of the Fellowship of Manara, five other schoolboys who become the close friends with our protagonist. Each member of the Fellowship is gifted with their own personality, traits, and strengths providing another lens to view the hardships they endure together.

The words man jadda wajada , he who gives his all will surely succeed, are shouted by the students in their first class, and are constantly echoed throughout the book. The experience of Alif and his fellow schoolmates revived memories of my own experience in university. The Ustads teachers whom the students looked up to as the carriers of knowledge, were the same people they also feared, as they were also the ones to dole out punishment if they did not abide by the rules.

This fits nicely with professors in a university who are the gatekeepers to knowledge. They have spent their entire career engrossed in their specific discipline, and are the ones who dole out grades; mimicking the punishment of not following the rules of the class, and the knowledge of the doctrine.

Outside of the teachers, I personally connected with the stories of Alif and his friends while they studied together in preparation for the famously difficult exams of MP. There was the concept of sahirul lail , an arabic term that roughly describes staying up late to study into the early morning hours of the night; the attempt to squeeze out any last bits of knowledge.

Those late night sessions enacted a certain bond felt between each member of the session, one which I believe Alif accurately captures in this book. The story was not without its faults, however. However, my biggest gripe of the story was near the end of the book.

There was a passage that seemingly summed up the stringent rules of the MP. It was at a point in the story where the boys were celebrating a well done final event they had put on. But, its success was due to breaking a small, ridiculous rule, when gathering supplies for their show.

Three boys, Alif included, were taken to the security center, and their heads were shaved as punishment for breaking this rule. It was somehow related to a teaching in the Al-Quran, but I was not convinced by the goodwill of the punishment. The tone of fear of breaking the rules, the impossible moral requirements of the students, and the strict enforcement of the Islamic law paraded itself in plain view once you took note of it.

This tone was also reinforced by the concept of jasus , student spies, a punishment put onto a student when they broke the rules. These spies would then watch for any fault made by their fellow students. These faults were things like not speaking the two official languages of English or Arabic, unkept sarongs, or cutting the bathroom lines.

The jasus would have to record exactly two students convicted of these infractions, and hand them into the the security office, where the convicted students would themselves be forced to become the new jasus. If they did not succeed in recording exactly two names, they were more severely punished. This creepy feeling of surveillance, harsh punishments for infractions, and underlying sense of fear may have helped keep order in the school, but it must have also hampered free thought and expression.

Even though the mission of the school was to inspire scholars — ones who would seek out knowledge throughout the world — it was forced through the lens of Islamic thought. The book ends with a happy message, though. We encounter three brothers of the Fellowship reunited in London. This meeting takes place 11 years after their upper-level final exams, where they last hugged each other before going back to their various homes across Indonesia.

View 1 comment. The punishment that they accept at the very first day in MP make them united and become close friends and called their. The punishment that they accept at the very first day in MP make them united and become close friends and called their group as the Fellowship of Manara. This name according to the place that they usually gather beneath the minaret of MP's mosque , the place where the six of them reveal their goals and dreams.

For them, it's hard studying in Pesantren at first. Everything must in line. Strict rules such as the using of Arab and English as their daily languages, the spooky security, and uncommon subjects that they have not known before. Moreover, the hard exams that they must do twice in a year.

Alif and the others must fight to deal with those problems which later build their pesonality and make them become great person. Re-read this book makes me throwback to the senior high school, 4 years ago, when I first find this book at the school's library. It also leads me to get to know who Ahmad Fuadi is. But reading this book for the second time and in different language has give me a new experience. There are many values, quotes, and islam poetry that I even didn't realize if it were there when reading the Indonesian version.

I myself really love the quotations inside, especially if it comes from Kiai Rais, one of the wise characters in this book. It's so inspiring and lifted my spirit just as Alif feels. Not to mention, for me who is rarely read Indo-English translation's book, Angie Kilbane as the translator smoothly and neatly translates Fuadi's magical words into beautiful yet easy english words. Thanks for her I can read it-almost fluently some of words, still needed to look in dictionary.

Quite surprised! And turned out, i really knew nothing about what and how life in pesantren is, hehe. This book not only opens my mind, but also have made me fall in love with Pesantren's life, it's system and the people there. Two things that i love the most about the book are the way Fuadi described Anak Pesantren's mundane schedules in detail it makes me feel like i'm doing what Alif was doing and also the words he Quite surprised!

Two things that i love the most about the book are the way Fuadi described Anak Pesantren's mundane schedules in detail it makes me feel like i'm doing what Alif was doing and also the words he picked to describe the whole story are all really GOOD it's like i'm reading a poem in a story. SAdly, i was busy doing others thing and finally finish this book in 1 month.

Can't wait to read the next serial book! A great book to read. I thought it was going to feel like "Laskar Pelangi" kind of nuance, but it reminded me more of the Harry Potter series. Only there is definitely no villain here.

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