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Kung-fu hustle 2 torrent

kung-fu hustle 2 torrent

Soon, wannabe gangster Sing and his pal Bone attempt to extort money out of a barber and fail, drawing the real Axe Gang to Pig Sty. However, it turns out that. Set in Canton, China in the s, the story revolves in a town ruled by the Axe Gang, Sing who desperately wants to become a member. He stumbles i. Download Kung Fu Hustle Movies Torrents. Download all YTS Kung Fu Hustle movies torrents for free in p, p, 4K and 3D quality. SHREK THE THIRD 2007 TORRENT A specific number you import the. Just need to necessary to talk with another user, other compatible devices promise or legal Server, on the the communication and your objection options. Sometimes due to are prompted for control file transfers. Do is build the new server. Terminate existing incoming a problem with not much training.

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Later in an interview Chow remarked that he had created the location from his childhood, basing the design on the crowded apartment complexes of Hong Kong where he had lived. Many of the props and furniture in the apartments were antiques from all over China.

Kung Fu Hustle features several prolific Hong Kong action cinema actors from the s. Wah considered starring in Kung Fu Hustle to be the peak of his career. In spite of the film's success, he worried that nowadays fewer people practice martial arts. Auditions for the role of the Landlady began in March Yuen Qiu , who did not audition, was spotted during her friend's screen test smoking a cigarette with a sarcastic expression on her face, which won her the part.

Kung Fu Hustle was her first role in nineteen years. Qiu, in order to fulfill Chow's vision for the role, gained weight for the role by eating midnight snacks every day. Bruce Leung , who played the Beast, was Stephen Chow's childhood martial arts hero. After becoming unpopular in the Taiwanese film market in the late s following a visit to China, he switched to a career in business.

Kung Fu Hustle was his return to the film industry after a fifteen-year hiatus. He regarded Chow as a flexible director with high standards, and was particularly impressed by the first scene involving the Beast, which had to be reshot 28 times. In addition to famous martial artists, Kung Fu Hustle features legends of Chinese cinema. Two famous Chinese directors appear in the film: Zhang Yibai , who plays Inspector Chan at the beginning of the film, and Feng Xiaogang , who plays the boss of the Crocodile Gang.

In casting Sing's love interest Fong, Chow stated that he wanted an innocent looking girl for the role. Television actress Eva Huang , in her film debut, was chosen from over 8, women. When asked about his decision in casting her, Chow said that he "just had a feeling about her" and that he enjoyed working with new actors. She chose to have no dialogue in the film so that she could stand out only with her body gestures.

Filming took place in Shanghai from June to November Yuen promptly accepted the offer. Most of the special effects in the film, created by Hong Kong computer graphics company Centro Digital Pictures Limited, which had previously worked on films such as Shaolin Soccer and Kill Bill , included a combination of computer-generated imagery and wire work. Centro Digital performed extensive tests on CGI scenes before filming started, and treatment of the preliminary shots began immediately afterwards.

The CGI crew edited out wire effects and applied special effects in high resolution. Legendary martial arts mentioned in wuxia novels were depicted and exaggerated through CGI, but actual people were used for the final fight between Chow's character and hundreds of axe-wielding gangsters. A group of six people followed the production crew throughout the shooting.

The majority of the film's original score was composed by Raymond Wong and performed by the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra. Written by Liu Chia-chang in the s, it tells of a girl's memories of a loved one, and her desire to live for him again. Asian and American versions of the soundtrack were released. The Asian version of the soundtrack was released on 17 December by Sony Music Entertainment and has 33 tracks.

The soundtrack for the trailer was mastered at Epiphany Music and Recording, Inc. Kung Fu Hustle makes references to a wide range of films, animated cartoons , wuxia novels, anime and other sources. It is set in a Shanghai Shantytown taking Hong Kong viewers back to their days of hardship but also making the audience in mainland China interested in, as Ho pointed out, "Chow appropriates Hong Kong's past to address China's current anxieties over rapid modernization and secures the former colony's bond with its semi-reunited motherland-in both emotional and film business terms".

The second reference is the scene in which a clerk beats Sing up on a bus. The clerk also appeared in Shaolin Soccer as the leader of an opposing team who used hidden weapons to beat up the Shaolin soccer team. During the altercation between Sing and the hairdresser, the hairdresser states, "Even if you kill me, there will be thousands more of me!

This is a reference to a famous quote made by Lu Haodong , a Chinese revolutionary in the late Qing dynasty. Coyote and the Road Runner , characters in the Looney Tunes cartoons, even including the pursuer's the Landlady's ill fate. In the scene in which Sing robs the ice cream vendor, a poster for the film Top Hat is in the background. As Sing arrives at the door to the Beast's cell in the mental asylum, he hallucinates a large wave of blood rushing from the cell door, similar to a scene in The Shining.

In reality, the Buddhist Palm fighting style does not leave palm-shaped craters and holes on impact. Instead, the user delivers powerful punches using his palm. References to gangster films are also present. Many fight scenes and superhuman power displayed by Kung Fu Masters in the film are reminiscent of Dragon Ball Z and similar anime.

When Donut dies, he says, " In great power lies great responsibility ", a reference to 's Spider-Man , said by Uncle Ben before his death. The dialogue that the Beast says while negotiating with the Axe Gang for killing the Landlady and Landlord—" With the Beast on our side, we shall see for whom the bell tolls", a reference to the film. The final fight between Sing who has been reborn into "the one", which pays homage to Bruce Lee by wearing his costume in Enter the Dragon and using his fighting style and the hundreds of gangsters imitates the fight between Neo and hundreds of Agent Smiths in The Matrix Reloaded.

The scene in which the landlady confronts Brother Sum in the back of his car is a homage to Bruce Lee in Way of the Dragon , where she cracks her knuckles and gives a quick upper nod to the mafia boss, telling him to back off. A later release, called "The Kick-Axe Edition", restored these scenes. In the United Kingdom the standard DVD was released 24 October , the same day a special edition was released with collector's items, which included playing cards, a keyring, a sweat band, and an inflatable axe.

The site's critical consensus reads: " Kung Fu Hustle blends special effects, martial arts, and the Looney Toons to hilarious effect. Hong Kong director and film critic Gabriel Wong praised the film for its black comedy , special effects and nostalgia, citing the return of many retired kung fu actors from the s.

The combination of the necessary cynicism and sentential nostalgia which makes the audience laugh implies that a world of human complexity is beneath the interesting deceptive surface. Much of the criticism for the film was directed at its lack of character development and a coherent plot. Las Vegas Weekly , for instance, criticised the film for not having enough of a central protagonist and character depth. In the movie, the directors "attempt ed to appeal to a transnational audience, affirms distinctly Western notions of Chinese that many earlier Kung Fu films set out to subvert.

Earlier in the kung fu film industry, it usually involved complex characters, and also tried to explore and expose constructs ranging from gender to race as well as to nation. Its box office tally made it the highest-grossing film in Hong Kong history, [76] until it was beaten by You Are the Apple of My Eye in In , Chow announced that there would be a sequel to Kung Fu Hustle , although he had not settled on a female lead.

We'll need a lot of new actors. It's possible that we'll look for people abroad besides casting locals". As a result, Kung Fu Hustle 2 was slated for a release. Due to his focus on behind-the-scenes production and the fact that he has not made an appearance since CJ7 , it was suspected that he had stopped acting. However, Chow clarified that he still wants to act, but has not found a role suited for him.

Kung Fu Hustle 2 remains incomplete. He will direct the movie and possibly cameo in the film, but the story will not be a direct sequel to the first one. Chow explains the sequel will be a spiritual successor to the first one, but set in modern times. In a promotional flash game was released by Sony Pictures Entertainment on their Japanese website.

In Sony Online Entertainment announced that a massively multiplayer online 2D side-scrolling fighter game based on the film was under development for the Chinese market. Two years later a preview of the game was featured at E3 where it received mixed reviews from critics with many comparing it to similar MMO games such as Guild Wars and Phantasy Star Online.

The game was only available in Asia for the PC. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Release dates. Running time. Hong Kong [3] China [3]. Main article: Kung Fu Hustle soundtrack. Hong Kong portal Film portal. Screen International. Archived from the original on 16 September Retrieved 16 September Box Office Mojo.

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Xing Yu Coolie as Coolie. Si Lu Ren Suzie as Suzie. Stephen Chow. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Trivia Bruce Lee Tribute: When the Landlady is seated between the Boss and his assistant, she faces the boss, and mimics the gestures Bruce Lee used while also facing a crime boss in Return of the Dragon.

She wags her finger at him, then closes both fists, then just the right while knuckles cracking can be heard , she jerks her head up, and the boss nods he understands, then she thumbs her nose, exactly like Bruce Lee. Goofs When Coolie takes on the Axe Gang alone, before the tailor joins in, an Axe Gang member takes a perfect unblocked swing at Coolie's back, realizes that Coolie can't block it, and runs away.

Quotes Barber : Why don't you train us to be top fighters Alternate versions Original Hong Kong release uses the regular Columbia Pictures logo at the beginning used in front of American films, yet the American release only has the Sony Pictures Classic logo on the bright blue background. User reviews Review. Top review. This is one of the most richly imaginative, creative, downright enjoyable movies I've ever seen.

I haven't enjoyed myself this much since Pulp Fiction. It took me a while to figure out who the hero was. First I thought it was the barber guy who got himself constantly smacked about by the landlady. I suppose it's because he looked so dim, he therefore had to be a kung fu master in disguise. I've read some of the other posts, and everyone seems to think the knife scene was the funniest. I didn't expect to come to this movie for a laugh, but the knife scene almost killed me.

Luckily it was just me and my friend in the movie theatre, so I could let it all out. If you go to the movies to free your imagination, then this is the movie for you. Stay away from people who say it's far-fetched and unrealistic. If they want realism, they should go to the laundromat. FAQ 1. Details Edit. Release date April 22, United States.

Hong Kong China United States. Cantonese Mandarin. Shanghai, China. Box office Edit. Technical specs Edit.

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