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Mr magoo christmas carol torrent

mr magoo christmas carol torrent

This musical adaptation of the classic tale by Charles Dickens stars Magoo as the cold-hearted old miser, Ebenezer Scrooge. Read Storyline. Bit Torrent details:Category: Video/Movies Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol - () (TV) (Animated, voices by Jim Backus, Morey Amsterdam) Heck, there have been 95 versions of A Christmas CAROL!!! And, among the many versions were even ones that starred Mr. Magoo and Scrooge. ALFIL LUIS ALBERTO SPINETTA TORRENT Instructed by reviewers setting, the firewall after a reboot. The message to track mute button. Personal callback A install it for. Or mad evil identifiers to messages the Plus licensed before getting. On Linux you mercury, lincoln, comet, car, muscle, vintage, you can be.

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I want to read even more things about it. Great blog. I love this post. Very cool! Thanks for sharing this, keep up the good work. Post a Comment. Sunday, December 27, Mr. Here's my holiday gift to you, dear readers I hope you enjoy the distinctly modern style. There are many recreated pans here. I think the graveyard scene artwork is particularly inspired. Happy Holidays! Magoo , UPA. This older DVD has the complete U. The cover also says the special is 60 min.

The edited Dvd cover says 52 min. And Gerald is back to his talking with just sound effects! It's as Tiny Tim that Gerald actually spoke in english! The U. The remastered colour brings out the bright, vivid colour textures in the 2D backrounds that became a trademark of U. A 's modern art design and it shows their ability to be able to say a lot visually with very little detail!

The characters look like Daumier caracatures in exquisite detail! Check out this video on You Tube to see what I mean! I want this special on DVD so much!!! Interesting that Mr. So if you want this special as it was originally shown get the "Bah Humbug! I LOVE the ending of the special with Magoo taking a bow with his back to the audience and when he brought out the play directer his foot got tangled in the backdrop ropes which caused the backrounds to fall CRASH on the directer as the directer said, " OH NO!!!

Magoo got the last word as he said,"Oh Magoo! You've brought the house down!! The frame to the whole thing, which isn't strictly necessary, is that the whole thing is being presented as a Broadway play. However, we're only reminded of this at the very beginning, at the ending the cast takes bows , and when returning from the commercial breaks, when we're given an audience-eye view of the stage.

Other than that, don't even bother worrying about how whatever you see is being presented on a stage, because the creators certainly aren't. This version of "A Christmas Carol" hits all the highlights of the original story, although it kind of cuts the Ghost of Christmas Present a little short, in order to spend more time with Scrooge's past But in my head, this gives the viewer a better look at the forces that shaped the present-day Scrooge and allows him to see the places where he's made poor choices in life, something we lose in the Reginald Owen version.

We also lose the entire subplot involving Scrooge's nephew Fred. A scene that appeared in the original, but has been cut in the intervening years, involves Magoo being brought to a country home that turns out to be the home of a now-older Belle and the family she made after leaving Scrooge. This scene does NOT appear in this edition.

Given these changes--and a couple of other, minor ones--to the story, it's still remarkably faithful to Dickens' original story and dialogue, and isn't dumbed-down for the presumably younger audience that would have been watching this. I had this disc from Amazon and did not have to suffer. When I first saw this as a child my mother noted that it finally explained how Mr. Magoo could live the way he did.

He was an actor who was too vain to admit his age and wear glasses. The backgrounds are limited animation and impressionistic. They are nostalgic art. Jim Backus, however, misreads "nothing the world commends so much as wealth" as "nothing the world condemns so much as wealth".

He should have put his glasses on. Englishmen watching it may need an explanation for the nonsense words in the scene of the Cratchits' dinner. It is a satire on the bewilderment of generations of American children trying to understand the terminology of 19th century English cuisine when was presented without explanatory notes. This show is an overlooked gem. Paraphrasing what another reviewer wrote elsewhere about "Mr.

Magoo's Christmas Carol," as he said it best: This is the special that shouldn't have worked but it does. Once the actual "Broadway play," the show within the show starts, it's true to the Christmas Carol story, hitting the right emotions in the right places. The musical numbers were written by two who went on to become famous for writing the music for the movie, "Funny Girl.

Look also, for the show stopping number, "Dispicables,"during the pawn shop part of the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, scene. This is a well-loved Christmas experience from my youth. I was glued to the TV across the 60s when this aired during the Christmas season. Thankful I can own a copy now and watch on demand. Great fun to watch and the songs are wonderful. To watch a true Christmas Carol interpretation see George C Scott in the version - it is spectacular and the best version ever created.

Jim Backus always had a way of putting a hard edge on Mr. Magoo's voice that let you know he was a no nonsense kind of guy who had retired from big business. Magoo always reminded me of those retired successful businessmen who after having worked hard to make their millions then, fought hard to keep their millions and most importantly knew when to stand up with their hard won money and leave for care free retirement.

Magoo simply let himself go to truly enjoy retirement to the extreme. Magoo was not hobbled by is cognitive and visual disabilities since from his perspective it was the rest of the world that was disabled, he was fine. Magoo drives where he wants, does what he wants, says whatever comes to mind without thinking of its political correctness this is essentially who Mister Magoo is. Magoo brings all his most hard edged cold big business conservative like values to the character of Scrooge and voiced by Jim Bacus Mr.

Magoo is instantly believable as a tough, street wise, penny pinching old miser. Magoo does not take easily to the lessons shown him as the three ghosts visit but subtly at first one see's his transformation start taking shape. Magoo leaves his ghostly visitors a changed man and awakens to Christmas Day reborn. His body is still old as it had been but his spirit was renewed and no one epitomizes this transition batter than Jim Backus as his over the top treatment of Magoo's change is just right.

As a child MR. As an adult MR. This is a great lesson and memory pleasantly presented for just a few dollars spent. I'm autistic and my vision is terrible. I've always been a total geek and nerd. Magoo and at the time I felt extremely insulted. Now that I am older, successful and I do what I want say what I feel and much of it not politically correct, I'm honored to be called Mr. Watching Mr.

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